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ScopeXAI Sniper Bot & App
  • Scopex Sniper Bot : Wallet Creation, Token Transfers, Manual Trading, Liquidity Sniping, Advanced Version: Equipped with comprehensive monitoring tools and additional functionalities driven by user feedback and market demands.
  • Scopex Sniper Bot - App Version: Upon completing all planned development phases, ScopeX will launch an app version integrating the full functionalities of existing bots for a more seamless trading experience.
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    ScopeX Scanner Bot
  • ScopeX Scanner Bot 1.1 - Contract Assessment: Expert in examining smart contracts, ensuring engagement with safe and legitimate contracts for risk management.
  • ScopeX Scanner Bot 1.2 - Tax Evaluation: Evaluates taxes collected from transactions, providing clarity and aiding in financial strategy formulation.

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    ScopeX Buy Bot

  • Buy Transaction Monitoring: Dedicated to monitoring buy transactions, offering timely insights and alerts about market trends and opportunities.
  • Sell Transaction Monitoring: Tracks sell transactions to understand market dynamics and token behaviors.
  • Whale Alert Monitoring: Watches significant market transactions ('whale movements') for insights signaling substantial market changes.
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    ScopeX Revenue-Sharing Model

    The revenue model within the ScopeX ecosystem is intricately structured to optimize advantages for investors and foster sustainable platform growth. This comprehensive model incorporates transaction fees, advertising revenues, and a unique strategy to leverage these earnings for the benefit of investors.


    Name : ScopexAI

    Symbol : SCOPEX

    Decimal : 9

    CA :

    Total Supply : 100.000.000

    Liquidity : 90.000.000

    Partnership : 5.000.000

    Staking : 5.000.000

    Tax Buy / Sell : 5%



    Research & Foundation

    • Gather the idea, research and developement for $SCOPEX
    • Launch the $SCOPEX token on Uniswap, ERC20
    • Community engagement

    Development and Innovation

    • Officially launch ScopeX Sniper Bot & App
    • Officially launch $SCOPEX Scanner
    • Faster community growth through marketing initiatives and engagement activities.

    Expansion and Integration

  • Officially launch $SCOPEX Buy Bot
  • Officially launch $SCOPEX Revenue
  • Collaborate with CT and Kols
  • Press release
  • Increase user demand through partnership